Alien: Isolation is a survival-horror game by Creative Assembly. After several really bad to mediocre Alien games, the franchise finally gets the game it deserves. Alien: Isolation is everyting a true Alien fanboy could wish for – and even more. I really loved everything about this game – the artwork strongly based on the first Alien movie, the constant suspense, the story, the action… In the first few hours of Alien: Isolation you don’t even need an alien for the tension – the abandoned Sevastopol Station alone is frightening enough and the first real star of the game. The sound and set design is absolutely outstanding – and when the Alien finally appears for the first time things only get worse. I really can recommend this unique experience to anyone – but if you’re an Alien fan this is an absolute must-have!

Game Status:  finished
Platform: PS4
Buy: PS4 | Xbox One | PC | PS3 | Xbox 360
– May Contain Spoilers –