State of mind is a 2018 graphic adventure game developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment. The cyberpunk story is set in the near future in Berlin and explores transhumanist themes and humanitys relationship with technology.

I truly loved the scifi setting and the complex story of the characters from the beginning to the end. The minimalistic, yet beautiful low-poly look just adds to this – it almost feels like everything is a fragmented data piece in a puzzle you have to solve. State of mind is a pretty linear game – there are a few choices to be made, but besides the ending these are mostly interesting to trophy hunters and don’t change the story much.

It feels like a wild mix of Blade Runner, A.I., eXistenZ, Black Mirror, Matrix and Total Recall. So if you love a good story in a scifi setting I can really recommend to give this a try. As “State of mind” is a heavily story-driven game and contains some twists this gallery contains some major spoilers!

Game Status: finished
Platform: PS4
Shop: PS4/ XBox One / PC / Switch
– May Contain Spoilers –