A Car. A foggy night. Mystic landscapes – and if you want to work there’s also Titans. Titan Chaser by Stas Shostak is a surrealistic Walking Simulator Driving Sim where your job is to chase giant creatures and lead them with your light.

Is Titan Chaser a good game? Probably not. But would you recommend it to your friends? I don’t think so either. There’s a lot of clunkiness when it comes to controls: your car gets stuck pretty often and the resolution to your current mission goal is – let’s say at least vague. But I still see the potential of the main theme and some great ideas – with some more polishing this might be a great indie game.

Don’t get me wrong – I still enjoyed the experience as there’s a lot of charm for a short gaming session and Titan Chaser might just hit a sweet spot for you. If you like to drive around in an obscure landscape without thinking too much about what to do while listening to some old radio broadcast and electronic music while chasing titans this might be the perfect game for a lazy Sunday evening.

Game Status: finished
Platform: PS4
Website: shostak.games/gamese
Shop: PS4 / XBox /PC / Switch
– May Contain Spoilers –