Hi, I’m Chris and I’m a video game photographer.

Don’t call it screenshot is a gaming blog mainly about in-game photography / video game photography.
It’s a chronological journal about my findings in the various games I play.

When I play a game I try not to rush through it, but take a step back from time to time to appreciate the setting and artwork of the in-game world. So I try to capture the beauty of the games I play: Settings, characters and situations you might have missed. The point of view of a game becomes the camera – maybe almost comparable to street photography.

Of course in-game photography normally works best with games where you’re almost free to roam wherever you want to – e.g. shooters or open world games. I photograph heavy scripted games too, but these are normally the games where it works best.

What’s also perfect for shooting in-game photography in digital worlds is that typical HUD displays seem to vanish more and more in modern games, or there’s even a photo mode available. So in contrast to street photography you’re often able to freeze the game and take photos from different angles or even manipulate the setting.

I don’t know if you can call it art – I’m of course aware of the fact that often an in-game photo is nothing more than “just a snapshot” or it maybe can be used as a desktop background (all pictures are shot with 1920×1080 pixels). But similar to normal photography something magic happens from time to time: to capture the right time, the right situation and the right angle. That’s what I’m trying to achieve.

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